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21, Aug

Supporting Our Pastrolists

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In Kenya it is estimated that 70% of the land is Arid or Semi Arid. Resident communities are pastoralists rearing Camel and Cattle.  Climate change resulting to low water levels leave camel farming as the most sustainable option for these regions. Communities in the arid and semi-arid lands are sustained by sell of camel milk, Camel meat and other camel products. Nuug Kenya is at the center of this industry.

Nuug milk is a fresh and natural camel milk. Nuug is sourced directly from Kenyan camel pastoralists. Camel farming is practiced by Somali, Maasai’s, Turkana, Rendile, Borana, among other communities. They are spread from coastal plains in Voi to the Northern plains of Turkana and Moyale. They offer the source for fresh milk packaged and sold by Nuug Kenya.

Nuug Camel milk is not only a nutritious Dairy option for all Kenyans.  Nuug Milk offers all the camel milk drinkers a chance to support and empower our pastoralist communities in the following ways:

  • Support individual households in earning a living and improving their living standards
  • Empower the women who are the forefront of the Camel industry
  • Help strengthen the resilience of Pastoral communities against the effects of climate change.
  • Diversify dairy options and improve Kenya’s food security
  • Support a camel dairy industry that is 100% Kenyan from the grassroots to your table.

Nuug Milk is available at selected stores and at Kulan Cuisine. Join us in being a part of this emerging new trend that is healthy and serves a good cause.


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