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02, Sep

Staying Fit With Nuug Camel milk

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Staying fit, lean and healthy is part of humans’ daily activities and goals. This requires one to eat the right food and have a proper workout regime.  It is common for many people to have milk as their post work out drink.  Camel milk remains the best dairy option for living a healthy lifestyle and to maintain physical fitness. These benefits are available to consumers of natural camel milk that has no additives.  Nuug Camel Milk and Yoghurt is a perfect example.

For a start, most of camel milk is simply water which is essential for hydration. Hydration improves muscle strength and helps prevent fatigue and stalling during workouts.  Camel milk gives you a natural boost of vitamins that are essential for pre-workout and post-workout.  Having Camel milk as part or your workout program improves your overall results.

 Nuug camel milk contains much higher levels of lactoferrin and immunoglobulin than cow milk, which makes it very helpful to reduce inflammation and fight against infections. Lactoferrin is known to bind and detox inflammatory irons from joints. This makes a person in active training to recover quicker from injuries or sickness. Drinking Nuug Camel milk will thus, keep you off your couch or sick bed and more on your trend mill or on the track. The calcium content in Nuug camel milk is also key in improving bone strength and increase fat loss.

Camel Milk has a high protein content some that are unique.  The unique proteins and amino acids in camel milk combined with the high rate of digestion provide a nutritional, all-natural performance enhancing drink for athletes at all levels. The low-fat content is the best way to maintain a lean body effortlessly.

Nuug Camel Milk and Yoghurt is natural Camel Milk. Physical fitness and keeping a healthy nutritious diet are  good practices for all. Incorporate Nuug Camel Milk in your, smoothies, shakes, porridge or cereal dishes. Benefit from this natural product and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Stay lean, stay healthy with Nuug Camel milk.

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